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Packing + Shipping Recommendations For Epic Japan 2024

Greetings Epic Lifers:
When you pack for Japan, you want to consider three factors: SIZE, NUMBER OF BAGS, and
WEIGHT. Generally speaking, airlines allow you to bring two checked bags, one carry-on, and a
secondary personal item like a purse or small bag. Please check with your respective airlines for
their baggage allowance. If you are bringing snowboard/ski equipment, please check your
airline’s policies so that you are not surprised with additional fees when you arrive at the
airport. You must check into these matters well before leaving for Japan. We cannot emphasize
this enough. *Please be sure to bring your passport and all COVID-19 VACCINATION
After filling out your Immigration form, you will proceed to baggage claim. You will retrieve your bags and proceed to Customs.

When you exit Customs, you will turn right and walk down to Yamato Transport (Black Cat), where you will fill out forms to send your large ski/snowboard luggage to Hilton
Niseko Village or wherever you are staying. Yamato’s (YAH-MA-TOE) logo is a black and yellow Black Cat carrying a kitten with a smattering of green.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you send your large luggage to the

Niseko Hilton and keep a weekend bag with you for Kyoto. This will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Everybody packs differently, but we want to be sure not to have excess luggage during our transfers to and from the airport in Kyoto. A small weekend bag, backpack, or duffel in Kyoto would be ideal. Also, be sure that the luggage you bring to Kyoto will meet the size and weight limitations of the domestic airline you will be using to fly to Sapporo (CTS) on Monday, January 29, 2024. This is your responsibility. Also, remember that you will likely buy gifts and souvenirs in Kyoto, so save space in your luggage.

After reading these instructions, please review them with your travel companions and friends so we are all on the same page.

An Epic Life Outdoors Representative will assist you once you exit Customs and proceed to Yamato Transport.

They will also provide instructions on where to meet the bus for
transfers to the Kyoto Ace Hotel. You will be in good hands once you arrive in Japan.

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