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Epic Life Apology And Transfer Update 1/6/24

Please Accept Our Apology For Our Miscommunication With Our Email That Went Out On 1/5/24, For All Of You That Submitted Your Flight Information To Us By 12/15/23. We Hope You Will Accept Our Humble Apology.

Thanks to all who sent your flight information to epiclifetravleoutdoorz@gmail.com by 12/15/23. If you received a confirmation email back from us stating we have received your flight information, your spot is reserved and secure.

Our Transfer Vendor gave us a hard deadline to submit all clients flight information to them by 12/15/23. Our contractual deadline to submit flight information was 12/15/23, all changes 30 days prior to our arrival date will be charged a 30% penalty. This is why we reached out to everyone several times to send us your flight information by 12/15/23.

Please contact us immediately if you haven’t emailed us your flight information, we will work with you to get you the best deal from our vendor. If you choose to purchase your own transfer while in Kyoto, please review the information below.

Thank You To Everyone That Has Been Compliant And Considerate Of Our Contractural Obligations.

Your hotel is:

245-2 Kurumayachō, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8185, Japan

Epic Life Travel Outdoorz

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